Since its foundation, CONTEC is dedicated to develop and expanding our line of medical devices, till now we have more than 20 categories of products containing Pulse Oximeter, Sphygmomanometer, ECG, EEG, Ultrasound Equipment, Patient Monitor and Image Equipment, etc.,, and we own more than 100 national patent, 56 software copyright, our products have got CE, FDA and Canada/Japan/Brazil approval. Now, CONTEC products were distributed to over 130 countries and regions.

This is the video for our products.

Summary of our products

CMS1700B adopted advanced platform,chips and innovative imaging technology, brought users better imaging quality and more functions.Our goal is to provide affordable color Doppler ultrasound.We will offer our customers caring service and deliver reliable product. 

S1E01: CONTEC CMS1700B  Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System Manufacturing


CONTEC is constantly engaged in the research and development of respiratory products. Started from 2013, the original intention of developing the oxygen concentrator is to help people with breathing difficulties to inhale oxygen more freely and reduce the complications of hypoxia.

It is suitable for patients with pulmonary and respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease patients, postoperative patients, and the elderly and pregnant women.   

It is suitable for home use, community oxygen therapy, hospital’s oxygen supply and so on.

S1E02: CONTEC CONTEC21  Oxygen Concentrator