SP100A Spirometer


The Spirometer is a portable device for testing pulmonary function, it adopts differential pressure acquisition principle to measure over 100 parameters related to FVC, VC, MVV and MV functions. It can be used in many scenarios, such as hospital, clinic, family, MVV and provocation test before / after medication, etc. which can provide the test results of pulmonary function for the users and the basis for the medical staff to make diagnosis.


  1. Differential pressure detection technology, with a professional lung function software, which can measure over 100 parameters related to FVC, VC, MVV and MV functions.
  2. Measure inspiratory and expiratory parameters, real-time curve display.
  3. BTPS correction function, measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure automatically.
  4. Quality control function, automatic QC rating.
  5. Calibration control function: volume calibration, three flows verification.
  6. Display the optimal value from many measurements.
  7. The tester condition can be reflected by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value.
  8. Flow-volume and volume-time curve.
  9. Data memory, delete and information review functions.
  10. Trend chart display.
  11. Prompt functions for over-limit of volume and flow.
  12. Rechargeable lithium battery, with charging prompt.
  13. Battery power indication.
  14. Built-in multiple predicted values.
  15. Support bronchial dilation / provocation test.
  16. Pulmonary function assessment.
  17. Follow-up questionnaires function.
  18. Patient information can be entered, managed and queried.
  19. The external printer can be connected to print and output the test report.
  20. 10.1" capacitive touch screen.
  21. Wi-Fi function.
  22. Voice prompt function.
  23. Built-in ID card reader (optional).