MS400 Multi-parameter Simulator


MS400 Multi-parameter Simulator is a portable device, features in small volume and light weight. It can simulate accurately 12-lead ECG, Respiration, Temperature, 2-channel IBP or 4-channel IBP. And it can be tested in where the monitor is used.


  • Simulate 35 kinds of arrhythmia (including Atrial, Ventricular, Premature Beat and Conduction Defects) and pacemaker waveform (including Asynchronous, Demand Occ Sinus, Demand Freq Sinus, A/V Sequential, Non Capture, Non Function).
  • Simulate four-channel IBP data.
  • Simulate respiration signal with adjustable respiration rate, impedance and baseline impedance, and three kinds of apnea data.
  • Simulate four kinds of temperature data.
  • Simulate square wave, triangle wave, pulse wave and sine wave with adjustable frequency.
  • Simulate standard ECG calibration, adult and pediatric ECG signal.
  • ECG waveform complied with the standard of ANSI/AAMI EC13-2002, AHA, MIT ECG database, other ECG database and user-defined waveform data stored in TF card can be displayed by the simulator and exported to the equipment to be tested.
  • Each waveform can be displayed by sliding the 3.5'' TFT touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery or linear adapter, which reduces interference.
  • Optional operation modes: keys and touch screen.