E3M Electrocardiograph


E3M is a kind of electrocardiograph, which is able to sample 12 leads ECG signals simultaneously and print out the ECG waveform with thermal printing system. Its functions are as follows: recording and displaying ECG waveform in auto/manual mode; measuring ECG waveform parameters automatically, and automatic analysis and diagnosis; pacing ECG detection; prompt for electrode-off and out of paper; optional interface languages (Chinese/English, etc.); built-in lithium battery, powered either by AC or DC; arbitrarily select the rhythm lead to conveniently observe abnormal heart rate; case database management, etc.


1) Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, adopt digital signal processing technology and get high-quality ECG waveform via power frequency filter, baseline filter and EMG filter of ECG signal.

2) Display of 1/3/6/12-lead ECG, print mode, sensitivity, paper speed and filter state, etc. on one screen, convenient for contrastively diagnosing.

3) Multiply printing modes and formats, including manual, auto 4x3, auto 3x4+1, auto 3x4, auto 2x6+1, auto 2x6, etc. Waveform length printed can be adjusted, and with timed print function, which meets different requirements.

4) With the functions of auto-analysis and auto-diagnosis for routine ECG parameters, which reduces the doctor’s burden.

5) Build-in memory, which is convenient for doctor to review case and statistic.

6) Multi- language(Chinese, English) interface and report.

7) Optional ECG-Sync software, connect with PC by USB2.0 interface to form a ECG workstation, import real-time data to the software for analyzing and report printing, and old cases stored in Electrocardiograph can be uploaded to PC.

8) Power supply: AC/DC and built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which meets the requirements of visiting a patient at home and body examination.