E6 Electrocardiograph


E6 is a kind of electrocardiograph, which is able to sample 12 leads ECG signals simultaneously and print out the ECG waveform with thermal printing system. Its functions are as follows: recording and displaying ECG waveform in auto/manual mode; measuring ECG waveform parameters automatically, and automatic analysis and diagnosis; pacing ECG detection; prompt for electrode-off and out of paper; optional interface languages (Chinese/English, etc.); built-in lithium battery, powered either by AC or DC; arbitrarily select the rhythm lead to conveniently observe abnormal heart rhythm; case database management, etc.


Note: The device sold to the countries and regions that have FDA certification requirement does not support automatic analysis and diagnosis function.


1)                       Adopt 7'' high-resolution color LCD, operate by touch screen and function buttons, convenient to use.

2)                       Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, support routine 12-lead and Cabrera-lead waveform display. Get high-quality ECG waveform via AC filter, DFT filter, EMG filter and Low-pass Filter of ECG signal.

3)                       Display 3/6/12 - lead ECG waveform, print mode, sensitivity, paper speed, filter status, etc. on one screen, convenient for contrastively diagnosing.

4)                       Power supply: AC/DC (which can adapt AC 50/60Hz), with built-in rechargeable lithium battery, charging circuit, perfect over-current and over-voltage protection circuit.

5)                       Support for auto 1*12, auto 2*6, auto 2*6+1, auto 3*4, auto 3*4+1, auto 4*3, auto 4*3+1, auto 6*2, auto 6*2+1, rhythm 7, rhythm 6, rhythm 5, rhythm 4, rhythm 3, rhythm 2 and manual. The printed content contains time, calibration signal, filter status and patients information. Information including printed waveform length, output measurement parameters, diagnostic conclusion, superposition QRS wave, histogram, trend chart, interval list, can be set, and with time print function, which meets different requirements.

6)                       With the functions of auto-measurement and auto-interpretation for routine ECG parameters, provide measurement results for HR, PR interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, T Duration, QT/QTc interval, P/QRS/T Axis, R(V5), S(V1) and R(V5)+S(V1), etc. and auto-diagnosis conclusion, which reduces the doctors burden.

7)                       Rhythm lead can be selected freely, convenient to observe abnormal heart rhythm.

8)                       The subjects clinical information (such as, ID, Name, Age, Sex, Height, Weight, etc.) can be entered.

9)                       1000 cases (3 s case is frequently used) can be stored by the built-in memory, convenient for case review and statistic.

10)                       In optimal DC state, up to 10-hour standby time, continuous print for more than 3-hour and print up to 1000 ECG waveform (3 s case is frequently used).

11)                       Multi-language (Chinese, English, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Russian and Kazakh, etc.) interface and report.

12)                       External printer and USB storage device can be connected.