PA100 Specific Protein Analyzer

PA100 Specific Protein Analyzer




The Specific Protein Analyzer developed basing on the advanced technologies(modern optics, electronics and computer science, etc.) is a high-accurate and intelligent device, it can quantitatively analyze the content of specific protein in biological sample. It is mainly used for testing the specific protein in clinical laboratory department of hospital, especially for the requirements of outpatient department, emergency department and local hospitals.



·       5.6'' color LCD with touch function, abundant in displaying contents, optional interface languages(Chinese and English).

·       Intelligent and efficient brushing card system, no need for making standard curve and blank comparison.

·       High-brightness laser rod is adopted, ensures accurate and stable results.

·       User-friendly interface, fully achieves man-machine conversation.

·       The whole test process can be monitored, with the automatic prompt functions of text and audible control.

·       Built-in thermal printer, optional print modes(auto & manual).

·       Standard RS232 interface.

·       It can be connected to sweep code gun,to achieve the function of scanning.