BC3000 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

BC3000 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer




The Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer can measure various biochemical indicators by analyzing the blood and other body fluids. Combined with other clinical data, its comprehensive analysis is helpful to diagnose diseases, evaluate organ functions, identify disease factors, and determine future treatment standard.



·       Continuous/random test mode, emergency sample priority test. Available to test according to sample sequence or test item sequence;

·       Test methods: End-point, Fixed-time, Kinetic; supportive for dual-reagent and di-wavelength test;

·       The reagent probe has liquid level detection function and full collision protection function;

·       Automatic cleaning function of the reaction cup;

·       The external barcode scan module can be connected, the seamless connection with Laboratory Information Management System (LIS) is supported, which achieves real-time data sharing;

·       Recalculation function, user can select different conditions as necessary to recalculate results;

·       With print preview and print function;

·       Provide three kinds of quality control charts: multiple-rule quality control chart, cumulative quality control chart and twin plot quality control chart;

·       Provide statistical reports, including test statistics, workload statistics, expense statistics, and results statistics;

·       Operations of add, modify or delete items are supportive;

·       Semiconductor cooling system, uninterrupted continuous cooling, stable and reliable.