BC401 Urine Analyzer

BC401 Urine Analyzer



BC401 Urine Analyzer is a high-precision, intellectual instrument which is researched and developed basing on modern optics, electronics, computer science and other advanced technologies for clinical inspection of urine. GLU, BIL, SG, KET, BLD, PRO, URO, NIT, LEU, VC, PH, MAL, CR and UCA in urine can be tested by using it with special test strips. And it is applicable for use in hospital, community health service, clinic, epidemic station and family, etc.



·       High-luminance and white LED, features in long life and good stability.

·       Display abundant contents by the 2.4'' LCD, optional languages: Chinese and English.

·       User-friendly interface.

·       Optional units: international unit, conventional unit and symbol system.

·       Monitoring the whole test process, auto-character and audible prompt.

·       Be compatible with 8, 10, 11, 12, 14-parameter test strip (optional based on the type of test strip).

·       Standard MicroUSB interface, Bluetooth interface (Optional).