BC300 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

BC300 Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer 



The device measures biochemical indexes by analyzing blood and other body fluid, then combines with other clinical information, to help diagnose disease, evaluate organs function, identify disease gene and determine the norm for future therapy.



1) Based on Linux operating system, color graphical interface. Operate by touch screen, function keys or external USB mouse, keyboard.

2) Optional measurement methods (End point, Two-point, kinetics, double wavelength, etc.) and calculation methods (factor, linear regression, nonlinear regression, etc.).

3) Store 500 test items and 10000 test results, with multiple print modes and reports.

4) Each item can be set quality control of two batch No. Automatically statistic and draw QC chart, store QC data and chart within one year, which can be checked and printed.

5) Auto-dormancy for the lamp to prolong its life.

6) Power-off protection function: automatically save measurement results.

7) Self-check function: alarm for light path, liquid path and mechanical components failure.

8) Standard communication interface, convenient for data transmission and processing.

9) Support Chinese,English,Spanish,Portuguese four languages.