CMS600P2VET B-Ultrasound Diagnostic System

CMS600P2VET B-Ultrasound Diagnostic System 



CMS600P2VET is a notebook veterinary B-ultrasound diagnostic system. Its embedded operation system greatly improves the product performance, achieving stronger data process ability and fast process speed. Pop-up menu and keyboard design bring more convenient to users. The device is applicable to the measurement and calculation of the obstetric for swine, bovine, sheep, equine, cat, dog and other animals.



·       Simple and easy image management function, reports can be printed and output.

·       Near field, far field and total gain can be adjusted separately.

·       External storage function.

·       Software is updated through U-disk.

·       Can be connected with video printer, ink-jet printer, laser printer.

·       Realizing image real-time, freeze, memory, calling up and large capacity cine loop; possessing functions such as multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, focus number, focus distance, focus position adjusting, etc.