TP500Infrared Thermometer

TP500Infrared Thermometer



TP500 Infrared Thermometer is a body temperature measurement device, powered by two “AAA” batteries, which has abundant measurement functions. It can quickly measure the body temperature without contact, which is better than traditional temperature measurement methods. It can be used to measure forehead temperature on human body in medical departments.



·       A medical infrared thermometer, which does not contain harmful substances, such as mercury.

·       Physiological effect: no adverse reactions (such as, toxicity, irritation, sensitization, etc.) appears during measuring.

·       Unit: Celsius (℃) / Fahrenheit (℉)

·       Display: color TFT LCD.

·       Automatic shutdown after measuring.

·       Operating mode: continuous operation

·       Memory data: 30 group

·       Power management: intelligent shutdown, ultra-low power consumption, power display and low-battery prompt