CMS6600B EMG/EP System



The equipment records bioelectricity activity of nerve muscle for determining its function state, which combines with nerve conduction speed, to give patient an auxiliary diagnosis. Checking contents: EMG(electromygram), MCS(motor nerve conductor velocity), SCS(sensory nerve conductor velocity), F wave, Hreflex, RNS(repetitive nerve stimulation), Blink Reflex, VEP(visual evoked potential), BAEP(brainstem auditory evoked potential), SEP(somatosensory evoked potential), etc.


Main Features

■Professional EMG/EP operation platform and perfect test items, complete each test in the shortest time.

■Neuro and muscle navigation system, convenient in selecting test part.

■Powerful normal values system, contrast with normal data automatically.

■Flexible software design, configure system parameters according to requirements.

■High-speed data collection, electromagnetic interference suppression, Photoelectric isolation and low noise.

■Integrative hardware system, compact in configuration and easy in moving.