MS200 NIBP Simulator


It is a multi - purpose test device for testing NIBP Monitor adopted Oscillometry. Concise and elegant in appearance, easy and convenient to operate, and it can generate the pressure up to 400mmHg (53.3 kPa) by the built-in air pump. With the functions of dynamic BP simulation under several conditions, static pressure calibration, automatic leak test and over-pressure relief test, which can quickly and accurately analyze each performance of NIBP Monitor.


  1. Pressure leak test
  2. Over-pressure relief test
  3. BP simulation under standard condition
  4. BP simulation under patient condition
  5. BP simulation under arrhythmia condition
  6. BP simulation under respiratory interference condition
  7. BP simulation of neonate
  8. Wrist BP simulation
  9. User-defined BP simulation
  10. System setting function.
  11. The parameters set can be stored.
  12. ON/OFF function
  13. Dynamic BP simulation