CO2-M01 Respiratory Gas CO2 Monitor Module

CO2-M01 Respiratory Gas CO2 Monitor Module



CO2-M01 is used to match Patient Monitor. The module adopts sidestream method to measure the parameters related to ETCO2 and AWRR. It can detect pulmonary ventilation function and reflect the circulation and pulmonary blood flow and indirectly reflect the alveolar ventilation.

The application population is adult patients. It is applicable for use in emergency department, ICU, operating room, respiratory department and other occasions. It is connected to the nose end of the patient through the sampling tube (applied part).


End-tidal CO2 measurement function.

Inspired Minimum CO2 measurement function.

Respiration rate measurement function.

Optional three units: %, kPa, mmH.

Be compatible with Respironics module’s parameters and protocol.

No uesr calibration is required.

User can calibrate zero by themselves.

With atmospheric pressure and temperature compensation functions.