SP770 Infusion Pump


The product is a volumetric infusion pump, features in high safety, easy operation and long life. Flow control with high accuracy and comprehensive alarm measures ensure patient's safety and optimum therapeutic effect.


  1. High-precision infusion control ensures an accurate and safe infusion.
  2. Be compatible with multiple IV set brands, the new IV set can be calibrated, ensures infusion accuracy.
  3. Display infusion parameters (such as accumulated volume, remaining time) by the 2.8'' high-definition color LCD, convenient for clinical observation.
  4. Air bubble detection technology, avoids missing alarm or detection effectively, reduces potential risks.
  5. With rate, time, gradient ,drip and other working modes, satisfies clinical needs.
  6. Independent audible and visual alarm, more than 10 kinds of alarms, and the alarm priority is distinguished by colors, ensures a safe infusion.
  7. Adjustable occlusion thresholds, meets different pressure needs, ensures a safe infusion.
  8. Avoidance of free flow of liquid, the use of new clamp avoids free flow of liquid when the door is opened.
  9. Support drug library function, where users can set the common drugs, easy to operate.
  10. Large-capacity memory, the treatment history can be reviewed at any time.
  11. After preset volume is completed, it will operate at KVO rate, which is adjustable.
  12. Intelligent dual-way power supply systems, the built-in high capacity lithium battery achieves uninterrupted infusion.
  13. Connect with workstation and central management system to achieve centralized data management.