SRP1 Automatic Pressure Infusor


The Automatic Pressure Infusor is suitable for accelerated perfusion of other fluids such as transfusion rehydration or irrigation fluid in the clinical setting of medical institutions.

The viscous characteristics of blood products increase their resistance in the process of vascular flow, and the speed of blood transfusion by conventional methods cannot meet the needs of clinical resuscitation. Rapid blood transfusion and fluid transfusion is a common clinical resuscitation measure to help bags of blood, plasma, cardiac arrest fluid and other fluids enter the body as soon as possible so that they can be rapidly replenished with fluid and the body can function normally; At the same time, pressurized transfusion will not cause damage to the structure of red blood cells and platelets, the whole process of transfusion pressure can be controlled, the pressure applied is balanced, and the pressurized system and the blood transfusion channel are two independent devices, which are not connected to each other and have the characteristics of no pollution.

1) Convenience and speed: replacing the previous manual squeezing method, reducing the waste of human resources;

2) Dual-channel control: two channels can work completely independently without interfering with each other;

3) Bilingual switch:the display can be switched between Chinese and English.

4) Precise pressurization: pressure adjustment step of 5 mmHg(0.5kPa), adjustable range of 10 to 300 mmHg(2-40kPa);

5) Smooth pressurization: the liquid is evenly pressurized, not easily infused with air bubbles, reducing the destruction of red blood cells;

6)   Easy installation: the body is small and portable, with a fixed device on the back to install on the infusion support;



1) Display: 2.8-inch LCD screen display;

2) High-pressure alarm: exceeding 310±5mmHg(41±1kPa), the device automatically issues an audible and visual alarm, any channel generates a high-pressure alarm, and the other channel also stops working;

3 Over-pressure protection: over 320±5mmHg automatic deflation and pressure relief to protect the operator and patient safety;

4) Unit switch:kPa and mmHg switch freely.

5) Power supply: external AC power supply or built-in high-capacity lithium battery power supply.