CIS1000 Central Infusion System


The device provides an intelligent infusion solution for medical institutions. It is composed of high-precision infusion pump, syringe pump and monitoring station, and achieves dynamic monitoring and centralized management of the infusion process through network technology, database information management and other means, which improves the treatment efficiency and information management. It can be widely used in operating rooms, ICU and Special Care Units.



  1. Centrally monitor the infusion statuses of all pumps by the 7" color touch screen.
  2. Infusion Pump and Syringe Pump can be freely combined as required.
  3. One power cord.
  4. Plug & play design,convenient for clinical transport.
  5. Smart relay, continuous infusion
  6. Data storage function.
  7. Drug library function, and the commonly used drugs can be set, convenient to use.
  8. Centralized audible and visual alarm.
  9. The system parameters of all pumps can be set on this device.
  10. The internal Wi-Fi module enables the device to connect to the Central Transfusion Station for centralized monitoring of infusion.
  11. Connect to various information system, such as HIS, to integrate clinical data.