AP200 Air Pressure Compression Massager


Through sequential and repeated inflation and deflation on the multi-chamber airbags, a circular pressure on the limbs and tissue is formed, which is used for squeezing the distal to proximal limb uniformly and orderly. It promotes the flow of blood and lymph, improves microcirculation, accelerates limb tissue fluid backflow, which helps in the prevention of thrombosis and limb edema,



Working mode can be set.

Working time can be set.

The massage pressure can be set.

Display: 7-segment LCD.

Gasbags: 6-chamber double lower limbs, upper limb and waist airbags can be connected.

Memory function: the parameters set last time can be saved, avoids repeated operation.

Massage site: it can be selected by touching the button.

Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery, with low battery indication and automatic shutdown functions.

Continuous pressurization: effectively promote blood circulation of the limbs, accelerate the limb tissue fluid flowback, and help prevent thrombosis.