How to select an oxygen concentrator

Home Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide


Purpose of Oxygen Concentrators:


Oxygen therapy is a crucial auxiliary treatment for respiratory-related diseases, offering the following benefits:


Assisting patients with chronic illnesses and those in the recovery phase in nurturing their bodies.

Preventing and alleviating various oxygen deficiency symptoms such as mental tension, depression, and dizziness. Providing oxygen health care for mentally demanding individuals, the elderly, and the sub-healthy population.


In summary, oxygen therapy is not only an essential medical treatment but also an effective daily health care method. Regular oxygen inhalation helps enhance the body's overall immune system, cleanse the respiratory system, improve visceral function, and address sub-healthy conditions.


How to Choose an Oxygen Concentrator:


  1. liter and 2-liter Oxygen Concentrators: 1-liter and 2-liter oxygen concentrators are considered household health care devices, classified as home appliances. Suitable for: Health-conscious individuals, sub-healthy populations requiring oxygen therapy, mental laborers, students, white-collar workers, individuals working in enclosed environments, drivers, workshop workers, etc.


  1. liter Oxygen Concentrator: At an oxygen output of 3 liters, the oxygen concentration is 93%±3%. Suitable for: Patients with mild respiratory system diseases, individuals with three high-risk factors (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia), pregnant women, etc.


5-liter, 7-liter, 10-liter Oxygen Concentrators: Oxygen concentrators with a flow rate of 5 liters or more are considered therapeutic household oxygen concentrators. They are beneficial for moderate to severe hypoxia patients, aiding in the absorption of sufficient oxygen, cleansing the respiratory system, and improving visceral function. Among them, 7-liter and 10-liter models are suitable for users requiring higher oxygen flow rates, and users can choose according to their needs. Suitable for: Patients with moderate to severe chronic diseases (please purchase under medical advice).