PM10 in preventing cardiovascular diseases

Heart disease poses a threat to life. According to statistics:


Globally, cardiovascular diseases cause up to 17 million deaths annually.


One in every three deaths is attributed to cardiovascular diseases.


In China, approximately 330 million people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Around 1,500 individuals die each day due to sudden cardiac arrest. Some people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest are unaware of their heart condition. 70% of individuals lose their lives due to a lack of timely medical intervention. Cardiovascular diseases, characterized by sudden genetic onset, low success rates in rescue efforts, and high prevalence, have become the leading cause of threat to human life and health.


It is crucial to be vigilant about the warning signals the body may send. Symptoms such as fatigue, frequent dizziness, vertigo, chest tightness, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, tinnitus, and night sweats may not merely indicate exhaustion but could be a cry for help from the heart.


Home-based testing is indispensable. The necessity of conducting electrocardiogram (ECG) tests at home lies in the fact that when the heart exhibits abnormalities, symptoms may temporarily subside during the journey to the hospital. This can result in medical examinations, including ECGs, conducted upon arrival at the hospital, failing to detect any anomalies, thereby affecting the doctor's diagnosis and potentially delaying treatment. Considering the transient nature of cardiac arrhythmias, portable ECG devices designed for home use have emerged. When the heart feels uncomfortable, the use of a portable ECG device enables the immediate capture of the current abnormal ECG, serving as a diagnostic reference during medical consultations.


The PM10 portable ECG monitor is a home-use device introduced by CONTEC Medical. It adopts a fully intelligent design philosophy and collaborates with a mobile application for remote health management. The device automatically initiates measurements, stores ECG data, uploads data, and downloads health conclusions. This allows users to monitor their heart condition at any time, enabling early prevention and intervention to minimize unexpected occurrences.