• 5" touch screen, easy and convenient to operate, automatic lock screen function prevents misoperation.
  • Portable design (weight < 1.0 kg), flexible to transport.
  • Multi - interface selection, convenient to observe patient’s data trend.
  • Degree of protection provided by enclosure complies with IEC/EN 60529, waterproof degree: IP44
  • Fanless design, quiet, energy-saving and clean, which reduces the possibility of cross-infection.
  • Built-in large-capacity battery, meets the requirements of long-term operation.
  • Parameter: ECG (3/5/12 lead, arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis and HR),RESP,SpO2, PR,NIBP,TEMP and IBP.



  • TS13(13.3")/TS15(15.6") high-definition touch screen design, easy and convenient to operate, elegant and concise in appearance.
  • Independent physiological and technical alarm function, convenient for medical staff to quickly know patient’s condition.
  • Luminous “ON / OFF” button design, convenient to operate at night.
  • Modular design: the modules can be configured and combined flexibly and conveniently, expanded and upgraded at any time, meets the monitoring requirements of different departments on different parameters.
  • Support dynamic hot-plugging parameter module: no need to restart the device, plug-and-play, change the monitoring parameters at any time as clinical requirements.
  • Adopt high-performance processor, stable, reliable and fast to process information.
  • Patient information can be rapidly entered, patient type (adult / neonate / pediatric) can be quickly switched, meets the requirements of different departments.
  • Abundant analysis functions: 23 arrhythmia, full-lead ST-segment and pacing analysis; multiple calculation functions (such as calculation of drug concentration, titration table, hemodynamics, ventilation, oxygenation, renal function, etc.).
  • With the functions of waveform freezing, holographic waveform storage and review.
  • Automatic data storage in case of power failure; optional built-in memory card, achieves large-capacity data storage.
  • With HDMI expansion interface, the display screen can be connected according to clinical requirements.
  • Built-in large-capacity detachable lithium battery, ensures uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Fanless design, ensures no noise and low power consumption during working.
  • 3-channel built-in recorder used to print real-time waveform is optional.
  • Connect to Central Monitoring System developed by our company by WiFi / Wired, convenient to transmit patient’s real-time data.
  • Standby mode, be applied to ICU, avoids affecting patient’s rest, one-button switching, reduces the workload of medical staff.

TS1 to TS13/TS15