CMS600P-VET B-Ultrasound Diagnostic SystemTP300 Predictive Thermometer

EET-1(BT) Infrared Ear Thermometer


The device is an infrared ear thermometer with automatic temperature difference correction function, providing user-friendly operation and accurate measurements. When in use, simply put the probe in the ear canal, the temperature can be quickly and accurately measured. This product is suitable for medical units, especially for families to measure body temperature.



  • Ear temperature display;
  • Low battery indication;
  • Temperature value storage;
  • Time synchronization;
  • Exceed limits alarm function;
  • Two units: ℃ and ℉;
  • Extra low-power consumption setting;
  • Automatically power off when there is no operation for one minute;
  • Safety and health, no need to use probe lens cover;
  • The stored data can be uploaded to APP by Bluetooth, APP will upload the data to cloud health platform for analyzing.