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CONTEC08C Electronic SphygmomanometerABPM50 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

PHMS Health Product Suit


PHMS health product suit can collect and display many human physiological parameters such as blood pressure, SpO2, blood glucose, weight, ECG, temperature, urine routine, vital capacity, etc., as well as pedometer function, realize tele-medicine service through cellphone APP and expert diagnosis. User can select devices for health examination according to one’s health condition and send data to health cloud by 3G/4G/WiFi. User’s data can be downloaded by experts for diagnosis and diagnosis result can be sent to APP directly. User can check health report and diagnosis result by individual health homepage or directly by phone. User can communicate with expert on healthy platform, which means, expert can send health advice to user, and user can also consult doctors for health questions. All in all, PHMS is aiming to help user to improve from sub-health state and maintain good health condition, thereby reduces sickness chances, medical costs, and achieves true sense of health management.



  • Suit product, beautiful in appearance
  • Bluetooth supports Android and iOS system
  • Actively connect to the last measured device, easy to operate
  • Auto time calibration
  • Network mode: 3G/4G/WiFi
  • Login by multi-mode: cellphone number, health card
  • *Cloud storage: measured data can be uploaded to PHMS platform, safe and private to manage health archives, convenient to inquire at anywhere anytime
  • *Private health cloud service: long-term storage, analysis and review for physiological trend data
  • *Health management service: provide health instruction and consultation service by cloud experts

Note: The contents marked with “*” are provided by cloud terminal.