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MS100 SpO2 Simulator

MS100 SpO2 Simulator is a kind of Separated SpO2 simulator, small and light. It can perform a series of tests for the oximeter by simulation means, and gives cognizance of veracity about the oximeter. Because the oximeter manufacturer may use different.. 
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MS200 NIBP Simulator

MS200 NIBP Simulator is a multi-purpose test instrument for use with oscillometric Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP) Monitors. The appearance is concision ,operation is simple and convenient,with its internal pump, the Simulator can generate pressures ... 
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MS400 Multiparameter Simulator

MS400 Multiparameter Simulator is a portable device, features in small volume and light weight. It can simulate accurately 12-lead ECG, Respiration, Temperature, 2-channel IBP or 4-channel IBP. And it can be tested in where the monitor is used. 
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