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CMS6000 Patient MonitorCMS50N Pulse Oximeter

CMS600S-VET B-Ultrasound Diagnostic System


CMS600S-VET is a hand-held veterinary B-ultrasound diagnostic system. It is applicable to the measurement and calculation of the obstetric for swine, bovine, sheep, equine, cat, dog and other animals.



  • Adopts LCD screen.
  • Combined power supply: AC adapter and built-in lithium battery, convenient to use.
  • Pseudo-color display function.
  • PAL-D video output offers connection to external video image printer and large-screen monitor and other equipment.
  • High speed USB2.0 port provides real time image uploaded to computer.
  • The system can process real time image display, freeze, save, load, up and down flip, left and right flip, capacity cine loop; Multi-level scanning depth, scan angle, dynamic range, frame correlation factor regulation and focus number, focus position, etc.