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CMS600F-VET B-Ultrasound Diagnostic SystemECG100G-VET Electrocardiograph

Oxygen Concentrator


OC5B oxygen concentrator consisted of air compressor, adsorption tower of molecular sieve, oxygen sensor and quadric meter uses the molecular sieve as the absorbent, adopts pressure swing absorbers (PSA) to directly concentrate the medical oxygen with high concentration from the air. And it is a small and portable oxygen concentrator. The machine takes the advantages of small in volume, light in weight, convenient in moving (as it has turning truckle), stable in performance, high in safety, easy in operating, low in noise, safe in working, which complies with requirements of medical device. The machine can provide Oxygen , Spo2 and pulse rate to hypoxic patients in communities, medical institutions(exclude ICU) and family.



  • With turning truckle, easy to move
  • Built-in filter to sieve the impurity
  • Oxygen concentration status indicator
  • Function of accumulating time
  • Function of timing shutdown
  • Alarm for power failure
  • Alarm for high/low pressure protection
  • Alarm for low flowrate
  • Measure SpO2 and pulse rate
  • With working indicator