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CONTEC8000GW ECG WorkstationCMS7000PLUS Patient Monitor



The SPM-W Spirometer is a hand-held device for examining lung function, and it is applicable for routine test in hospital and clinic.


Main Features

  • Measure functions related to FVC, VC and MVV, display and analyze 32 parameters, and extract the optimal value from many measurement results. Besides, testee condition can be shown by the ratio of measured value and predicted value.
  • Display respiration waveform in real-time: flow-volume loop and volume-time curve chart.
  • Display measurement time and environment temperature.
  • Trend chart display, providing the trend of each parameter within a period of time for the testee.
  • Calibration function to ensure measurement accuracy.
  • Transmit data through USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery for power supply, with charging indication.
  • In battery mode, automatically power off if no test within 5 minutes.
  • Power indicator and measurement indicator.
  • Low battery indication.