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CMS50E Pulse OximeterCMS50C Pulse Oximeter

TP100 Predictive Thermometer


The Predictive Thermometer adds temperature control and data preprocessing technology basing on traditional measurement, which improves temperature measurement speed. It is applicable for use in first-aid, temperature screening and family.


Main Features

■Digital electronic thermometer, which does not contain harmful substances, such as mercury.v

■Working mode: predictive and monitoring mode

■Unit: Celsius(℃)/Fahrenheit(℉)

■Display: 2.4" 7-segment LCD with backlight

■Power supply: two “AA” batteries

■Power management: automatic power-off, low power consumption, battery status indication and low battery prompt.

■Countdown function: be used to calculate pulse rate and respiration frequency.

■Disposable probe cover avoids cross-infection.

■Self-check and automatic calibration functions for probe.

■Alarm function.