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CMS50FW Pulse OximeterCMS5000VET Veterinary Monitor

OC3B Oxygen Concentrator


OC3B Oxygen Concentrator adopts pressure swing absorbers(PSA) to directly concentrate the medical oxygen with high concentration from the air.The machine is cooperated with such diseases as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, altitude response and altitude sickness, geriatric disease, pediatric respiratory tract infection, nocturnal hypoxemia and gas poisoning anoxia in treatment. It is widely used for students, white-collar workers, athletes, the elderly, pregnant women, the futus for mental and physical recovery, assistant therapy and physiological health.


Main Features

1) With turning truckle, easy to move

2) Built-in filter to sieve the impurity

3) Oxygen concentration status indicator

4) Function of accumulating time

5) Function of timing shutdown

6) Alarm for power failure

7) Alarm for high/low pressure protection

8) Alarm for low flow rate

9) With working indicator

10) Measure SpO2 and pulse rate