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CO2-M01 Respiratory Gas CO2 Monitor ModuleCMS70A Pulse Oximeter

CMS800H Fetal Monitor


Fetal Monitor is based on PC,includes probe and fetal monitor software two parts. The probe is used for signal collection, the fetal monitor software analyse, and the PC displays fetal heart rate ,maternal uterine and fetal movement; Monitoring results can be printed by the printer. It is only suitable for the equipment in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices and patients at home by professional medical personnel.


Main Features

■Light and dexterous, based on PC,easy to read

■High sensitivity, 9 crystals broad beam pulsed wave transducer

■Sound and vision alarm for high and low fetal heart rate

■Long time monitor and save FHR, TOCO and FMOV(fetal movement) information

■Real-time save or print FHR curve, TOCO curve and FMOV(fetal movement) information

■FHR 120 BPM~160 BPM normal range label,manual records fetal movement

■With shortcut operation function of picture freezing,wave cls,data resetting,TOCO restoration

■Interface is intuitionistic,friendly; wave, data display color and some shortcut keys are adjustable according to individual fancy,optional multi-langue interface make operation simple and convenience