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CMS60F Pulse OximeterSonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler



SPM-A SPIROMETER is a hand-held equipment for checking lung conditions, adopts the mode of infrared interruption for measuring FVC(Forced Vital Capacity), VC(Vital Capacity), MVV(Maximal Voluntary Ventilation) and relative parameters, and it is applicable for hospital, clinique for routine test.


Main Features

  • Measure the relative functions of FVC, VC and MVV, display and analyse thirty-two parameters, and display the optimal value from many measurements. Besides, the testee condition can be shown by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value.
  • Real-time display respiration waveform: flow-volume loop and volume-time curve chart.
  • Display test time and environment temperature.
  • Trend chart display, which provides the trend of each parameter within a period for the testee.
  • Calibration function to ensure the test accuracy.
  • Power and test indicated.